At InterGen, our mission is to help keep families together, in the comfort and security of their own homes, by providing superior, culturally sensitive health care to the people of the communities we serve. We pledge to:

  • Recruit and retain the finest health care professionals from every discipline with optimal combinations of education and experience
  • Continually offer training to every employee in their core discipline as well as in customer service, electronic medical recordkeeping and the latest advancements in home care delivery
  • Monitor the performance of every team member and actively seek input from our customers as to the care and service they are receiving
  • Treat every patient and their family members like members of our own families
  • To provide customized written care plans for every customer and to review and revise them regularly to make certain every customer need is being appropriately met
  • Respect the language, culture and dignity of every customer
  • To provide the best, most complete home care the law allows to every one of our patients regardless of medical condition, insurability, or prognosis